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When love to fashion meets the compassion. 

When love to fashion meets the love to animals ...

Amir is 31 years idealist vegetarian,  he has decided to become one when nobody even know what that means. He used to participate in demonstrations with five people including him .

All the people around him thought that this action to become vegetarian is a bit weird and many times they just thought that this is a phase and it will pass. It didn't!! In the past 3 years he is vegan.

Michal Breaths and love fashion and in the past 3 years she became vegetarian. 

Together we fulfilled our dream and Vegan Mind was born.

Why buy in Vegan Mind?

We love animals so all our products are vegan. No animal was heart/suffered  in the process of making our products. 

We love humankind  so all our products are made in slow fashion conditions. 

Our products are in very high quality 

We love the environment so most of the products are made with ecological conditions. 

Our products are sold much cheaper here than other places. If you found the same item in a cheaper price , please inform us and we will credit you with the difference.